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NCERT Curriculum Integrated
cell structure and function
synthetic fibres and plastics
stars and the solar system
some natural phenomenon
reproduction in animals
reaching the age of adolescence
pollution of air and water
microorganisms friend and foe
materials - metals and non metals
force and pressure
crop production and management
conservation of plants and animals
combustion and flame
coal and petrol
chemical effects of electric current
Key features

Prioritizing Safety

At Xperimentor, many of us are parents and all of us are teachers. Before all else, the safety of children is the focus. This is reflected in the design, packaging, selection of materials, provision of safety equipment along with a leitmotif of guidelines in the kit and on the app ensuring science is done in absolute safety.

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After you are done learn with all the topics, you can return your Science In Action Lab, get discount on the next purchase.
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Frequently asked questions

Learning by doing is fun and rewarding. While learning through classrooms is important, they need not be mutually exclusive. Xperimentor brings together the fun of experiential learning with the rigor of curricular education building the best environment for your child to learn science.

Yes. We provide an achievement certificate for your child with a complete analysis of their science learning and skill development.

Yes, Xperimentor is absolutely safe for use. The components of the kit are engineered for 100% safety. You can let your child tinker and learn without any worry.

Xperimentor Science In Action Lab for grade 6 to grade 10 is fully compliant with NCERT (CBSE/ICSE/State) curriculum where every chapter in each grade is designed to be learnt through experimentation.

The number of activities in the kit vary according to the topics/curriculum or the theme kit chosen. However the Science in Action kits that are aligned to curriculum will have a minimum of 50+ activities further divided into quests.

Learning science through experiments helps build a better conceptual understanding, lets children think out of the box, and builds confidence. Children can take quizzes and assessments to perform better in school and competitive exams.

Xperimentor app is an interactive platform. It is specially designed to engage children in active science learning. The app enables kids to perform every experiment through videos and simulations by giving you a step by step guide. You have space to capture your observations, draw assessments, and take quizzes, and get reports.

Yes, it is a web application. You can check it with any browser of your choice.

Based on the duration of the quests, we recommend that children spend a maximum of 1 hour per week on the app.

XP Live is a series of interactive live sessions where our subject matter experts demonstrate experiments, solve doubts, and help your kids learn what’s in the syllabus and beyond. Grow a network of like minded science lovers and engage in peer learning through XP Live.

Absolutely. What is a better gift to a child than the joy of learning?
Xperimentor is the best present you can give your child/niece/nephew/grandson/granddaughter/friends’ son/friends’ daughter or anyone who loves science.

You can transfer payments through UPI, credit/debit cards, and internet banking.

Yes. You can buy Xperimentor kits now on EMI. Pay as low as 800 Rs/month (Barring any discounts) and take home your science lab.

We want you to have the best experience of science learning. If your exploration leads to any material damage, don’t worry we will have it replaced at the earliest.

Not much. We want your children to be self-learners and Xperimentors. Our content is designed with care to ensure that children understand and learn themselves. But there are a few experiments that would need adult supervision. Also, it would be great if you would get involved in your child’s learning by keeping an eye on the comprehensive reports, live sessions, safety, and regularity. We say, why not be a child again and try an experiment or two?

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Raghavendra Nadig father of Samanyu He is more conscious about science now compared to before. My son is experimenting much rather than usual as he doesn't even go for play or watch tv. He is deeply involved in the activities.
Mugundan father of Shreekar Xperimentor has kindled interest in science to our son. It is a good package for young children as it helps them to do new things and perform experiments safely as if they are in the lab itself.
Siri student It is really good and I was excited to see my first kit it was very fun thanks for helping me and other kids to understand and figure out how and why things are happening.

parents found Xperimentor Kit safe to do Quests independently


parents found Xperimentor extremely engaging for their children


parents found that their children could learn science independently or with very little assistance

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