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Now your child can create a personal lab at home and learn science the exciting way!

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Do Science?

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Science is fun, if you know how to play it. The only way to learn science is to Do Science. Xperimentor’s Science in Action Lab is everything you need to make science a blast!

Create a science lab at home

Conduct fun and exciting experiments with our equipment and supplies.

child friendly · safe & easy to use · validated by experts

Engage on an interactive app

Dive into an immersive world of simulations, videos and images on our interactive app.

record observations · take assessments · track learning progress

Get mentored by the best

Interact with subject experts through live demonstrations and discussions and prepare to take on more challenging problems.

clarify doubts · try new experiments · get better grades

Learn like a scientist

Learn actively through observation and experience by asking questions, conducting experiments, gathering data and forming explanations.

higher order thinking · independent learning · engaging content

Enable self-directed, self-paced and hands-on science learning at home for young, curious and aspirational learners.

What makes Xperimentor different and necessary?

Well, there are 300 reasons. At least 30 in a calendar year. But let’s see 3 most important of them.

The Complete Learning Solution

Bring together the power of experience through hands-on learning and richness of digital content and simulations.

21st Century Skills

Learn real-world skills while having fun – conduct experiments, test hypotheses and draw conclusions based on data. Communicate, solve problems and acquire skills required to succeed in the evolving digital economy.

NEP 2020 aligned science education

Become an independent self directed learner and explore science through discovery. Xperimentor is NEP 2020 aligned, pedagogy backed and fun packed.

NEP 2020 Ready
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The Hype is Real

Testimonials For Science

Most real phenomena are described by equations that can’t be solved with pen & paper but often require numerical solutions on a computer. Experiments & simulations go hand in hand. All scientific theories are tested experimentally for validity and for falsifiability by repeated experimental verification with different kinds of experiments/phenomena. This scientific principle is implicitly & deeply bound to the idea of simulations. Srihari Srinivasan Physics Simulation Specialist, Germany
While diagnosing a patient based on their symptoms, I have to draw on all my knowledge to make a provisional diagnosis using Occam's razor, thinking of the most common causes or possibilities, and order scans and tests to confirm the provisional diagnosis. Create a treatment plan keeping in mind the other diseases, disorders and conditions that a patient suffers from. This is the same as the learning cycle in science! Dr. Vishal Ratkal Urologist, Bangalore
In this rapidly changing world, we in the industry are increasingly experiencing that just the conceptual understanding of the domain is not adequate, and so children should be equipped with skills of tomorrow like Critical & Analytical thinking, Creativity, Design and Reasoning. In this context, emphasis on experiential learning methods will be a refreshingly new and welcome step which will benefit students immensely and propel them towards a strong and bright future. Kiran Krishnamurthy Digital Transformation Leader in Big 4 Consulting Firm

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