Science for all, all for Science

That is our Vision

Our mission is to provide pedagogy-driven and technology-enabled solutions for experiential learning of science, serving educators and students.

Our Quest

A love for science learning and teaching brought us together. We soon realized that a large gap and an opportunity exists, to create value in the service of science education. We were inspired by the rapidly changing world around us, that science made happen, while learning science itself languished decades behind. 

A serendipitous yet much-needed modernization of national education policy through NEP 2020 concretized our belief that the time had come for us, a multidisciplinary and multi talented bunch came together, to claim and proclaim, Science for All, All for Science.

Our Beliefs

At Xperimentor, we believe that every child is curious enough to create wonders. All we have to do is direct their curious mind to the right way of asking questions. Science starts with a question, forming a hypothesis, experimenting to verify it, circling back to questioning again – expanding the boundaries of knowledge.

Our Design Thinking

Our design thinking starts with understanding how children think and how they use tools. Every component we design and content we write goes through rigorous prototyping, iterations and testing to ensure that a child, irrespective of his or her skill level, should be able to understand the instructions and perform experiments safely by themselves. The entire product is tested with various groups of children before it reaches the market!

How do Xperimentors learn Science?

Our Offerings

We offer to bring Science to all. We believe engaging students to design & conduct experiments will lead to a generation of Scientists and Innovators! Say yes, Xperimentor.

NEP 2020 Ready & NCERT Aligned

Xperimentor is fully aligned with NEP 2020 and NCERT grade-wise curriculum and comes with competency-based assessments, adoption strategies, and continuous training and support, making us your ideal partner for science education.

Our engineers, designers and subject experts have together spent 30,000+ hours with 100+ iterations to come out with xperimentor so that your child has the best lab experience at home.

The future of
science education at
your fingertips

The Team of Xperimentors

A band of excited science educators, resonating around the common frequency of inquiry-based learning driven by experiments, insatiable love for everything scientific, living by the ethos Science for All, All for Science.